True Love Husky Cafe: A Cafe For Dog Lovers In Bangkok

Bangkok is no stranger to interesting cafe’s where you can hang out, relax and make some new, furry friends. There’s cat cafes, rabbit cafes and even cafes where you can meet a fennec fox, a racoon and a naked guinea pig all in one place! We are bigs fans of the pet cafes found across the city and love discovering new places to eat and relax with some good company.

We have already featured a bunch of cat cafes on this site but haven’t yet featured a cafe for dogs, until now… So, whether you are fed up of felines with your fettuccine, or you’re someone who likes their catering with canines only, True Love Cafe could be just what you’re looking for.

True Love Cafe (also known as TrueLove at Neverland) is a cosy cafe, providing some quality petting time with this majestic breed of dog. A visit to the cafe is a very organised operation, with designated petting hours, a strict hygiene regime, and a rotation of gorgeous and friendly huskies to meet. The cafe is home to 17 huskies, all with different characters, colours, and sizes. There is also MoMo the Maltese who hangs out with the pack of huskies as if she were one of them.

The owner will introduce each husky and tell you a little about them, one of the staff will then translate this introduction into English for you; so you can get off on a good foot with each of these beautiful creatures that are so rare to see in Thailand.

As well as taking care of the guests, the owners are just as careful with the welfare of their dogs – the Huskies appear happy, well groomed, kept in a great environment – and they are kept in an air-conditioned environment between petting sessions. The cafe itself is set in a small house with just a handful of tables – but as a result, the service is great and we were well cared for.

Apart from their beautiful, distinctive coats and piercing eyes (some of which are half blue and half green or brown!), Siberian Huskies are known for being energetic, great with children, and very sociable with other dogs and humans. If you’re looking for a more lively pet cafe (or if cats aren’t your idea of an ideal lunch date) then you should feel right at home at the True Love Cafe. Keep in mind though that these dogs are wearing some seriously thick coats and on especially hot days they like nothing more than lazing around – which means it is easier for you to pet them!

The menu is small but satisfying, we particularly enjoyed the saucy pasta dishes, the Masaman curry and no trip would be complete without cooling off from the Bangkok heat with an ice cream. The iced coffee and cakes are also a welcome treat here if you don’t feel like a hot meal. There is no entry fee for seeing the Huskies, it is just expected that you order some food while you’re there (around 300-400baht for dessert & drink or meal, dessert & drink set).

The cafe itself is best reached by taxi or tuk-tuk as it’s located quite a distance from the nearest BTS. You can meet these furry, friendly pups every day except Monday; session one is at 12:30 pm and session two is at 3:30 pm. It can get pretty busy at the cafe so arrive early and enjoy a bite to eat while you wait for your session.

To get to TrueLove at Neverland by public transport take the BTS to Ari Station. Leave the station via exit 2 before jumping in a tuk-tuk and asking for ask for Soi Ari Samphan 2, which should cost you about 40 baht each way.

The full address, should you need it, is 153 Soi Ari Samphan 2, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand. The team are happy to call you a tuk-tuk whenever you are finished and ready to leave but sometimes there is a short wait for your ride to arrive.

Overall we found the whole experience to be great and is always well worth venturing out to visit (we’ve taken friends & family on a number of occasions). The restaurant menu is what you’d expect from a cafe and the dogs themselves are of course the highlight of the visit. The staff are attentive and accommodating and we left in a great mood after getting to pet the dogs.

It’s a must see, must do and must experience for any dog lover.

Find out more about the True Love Husky Cafe and see the latest updates on the TrueLove at Neverland Facebook page.

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  1. Jason

    Looks like a good way to entertain guests and provide a pet-sitting service for working adults who don’t want to leave their pups alone at home. The real question is how many pets and dog biscuits do they get paid per hour and if it meets or exceeds the local minimum wage. Looks like a unique experience and a lot of fun…


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