The Great Kabab Factory: All You Can Eat Indian Delights In Bangkok

Right in the heart of Bangkok is a treasure trove of Indian delicacies just waiting to be enjoyed. ‘The Great Kabab Factory’ takes your taste buds on a tour of India with their delicious kebabs. Not only have they perfected this ancient dish with dozens of tasty twists, but it is all you can eat too!

… much more than an all-you-can eat; The Great Kabab Factory is a food experience…

Don’t let that daring deal fool you – the food here is seriously top notch. Smell the spices baking in the tandoor oven and hear the sizzle of meat on the hot stones. Traditional Indian cooking methods reign supreme here – and what a treat. Over the course of your meal you can try up to 20 different Indian flavours – a perfect tasting menu for lovers of South Asian food, or those looking to explore Indian cuisine.

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok Thailand - Bangkok Adventures

Melt in the mouth lamb that is so soft it can be spread with the slightest effort.

We found the table service to be excellent, second only to the quality of the food. Despite being ‘all you can eat’ the food is cooked expertly to order, and you get to choose from a vast menu of specialties.

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok Thailand - Bangkok Adventures

The menu at The Great Kabab Factory which often changes to give guests new taste experience with each visit.

The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and give thoughtful recommendations throughout your meal. The attention to detail and personal service is outstanding; we were even guided as to which sauces would pair well with our dishes, all of which were spot on.

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok Thailand - Bangkok Adventures

The dishes are small (ideal for sampling everything that is on offer), and packed with flavour; lamb that melts in the mouth, chicken that is charred and smoky, curries that have spice but not at the expense of flavour. You’ll want to savour every mouthful – only to be overjoyed when you remember that you can order more.

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok Thailand - Bangkok Adventures

The portions may be small but they pack a huge punch of flavour and you can order again and again.

For those who want all of the taste but without the meat, The Great Kabab Factory offer a vegetarian option, with delicious curries and lentil based dishes to die for.

If things get too spicy, there is an easy and delicious solution – one of the fantastic lassis or thirst quenching fresh lime juices from the bar (included in the price of the buffet).  The creamy, cooling lassi is a perfect pallet cleanser and is an ideal way to move between courses.

Another highlight for us were the freshly baked naan – fluffy but charred and perfect for scooping up every last mouthful of curry.

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok Thailand - Bangkok Adventures

Moving from the rich spices of your main meal to the equally delicious dessert – we loved the kesari kulfi (saffron infused homemade ice cream), and the gulab jamun (deep fried condensed milk dumpling) which took us by surprise with their intense taste.

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok Thailand - Bangkok Adventures

When we visited The Great Kabab Factory we were lead to believe that it was a delicious Indian buffet, but to call The Great Kabab Factory an all-you-can-eat restaurant would be an injustice; The Great Kabab Factory is a food experience. Rarely do we come across a restaurant – especially one that serves unlimited food – that combines such great tasting food with such knowledgable service.

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok Thailand - Bangkok Adventures

You will find The Great Kabab Factory just a few minutes from the Nana BTS station, within the Majestic Grande Hotel – 12 Sukhumvit Soi 2. The space is large and open, with ambient lighting and magical smells drifting through the atrium.

Prices and menus vary depending on when you go; weekday lunch is 500 baht, weekend brunch is 800 baht, and dinner is served for 1300 baht. Vegetarians can enjoy the meat-free alternatives for 100 baht less.

To be in the know about special offers, updates and to find out for yourself how passionate they are about their food check out The Great Kabab Factory on Facebook.

Go hungry, you won’t be disappointed.

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