Shayan Says: 8 Ways to Beat the Bangkok Heat

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes… Well that’s just one way to escape the Bangkok heat, but that will probably get you into a spot of trouble. After living here for over 20 years – wow, has it really been that long? – here are a few ways that I’ve come to rely on to help cool off.

1. Stay Hydrated!

Yes, let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Every corner has a 7/11 or a juice/coconut water stand so make sure you get some liquids in you… But it’s probably best to stick to water and make sure to drink lots of it (even though it will get you running off to the toilet every 10 minutes).

2. All hail 7/11.

Speaking of 7/11, they are usually very well air-conditioned so if you’re out walking and see a 7/11 (and you will, they are everywhere!), take a breather and cool off in there before moving on to your next destination.

3. Visit a Water Park.

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park in Bangkok

Bangkok and its surrounding cities have plenty of water parks. A few worth checking out are Flow House Bangkok, Siam Park, Fantasia Lagoon, Santorini Park Cha-Am or even the water splash at Dream World.

4. Chill on a Rooftop.

The city is full of them and it’s a great place to escape not just the heat but also you get to see amazing panoramic views of Bangkok. In the evening after the sun has set, the weather is cooler up on the rooftops. Good thing they aren’t open during the days when you would end up closest to the sun. Some of the good ones are Above Eleven, Octave and Heaven [and don’t forget the more low-key Zeppelin sky bar] but there are a dozen more.

5. Shop in a Mall.

Central Embassy Luxury Shopping Mall Bangkok Luxury

That’s right! Malls are the perfect place to escape the heat and people do that quite a lot. Bangkok is is probably the city with the most malls in the world. Apart from shopping you can eat & drink, watch movies, play arcade/bowling and even go to some cool attractions like Madame Tussauds at Siam Discovery.

6. Host a water fight/party.

I have to admit, I love Songkran (an annual water festival celebrating the Thai New Year ) but why wait for it once a year? You can host your own water/foam/pool party to cool off and enjoy during the hot season or go to one of the many pool parties that can be found across the city.

7. Take a River Cruise.

The Chao Praya River offers a cool and relaxing vantage point for cruises. You can catch ferries to travel from point to another or simply take a cruise, which can last anywhere between 2 hours to even a half a day. The breeze from the river will be sure to cool you off.

8. Use public transport.


You might love walking but save your strength and your energy for better workouts. The heat will exhaust you quickly if you walk everywhere. Instead, opt to use the MRT/BTS, which are both sufficiently air conditioned.

For places that don’t have access to MRT or BTS take a taxi; and here is an advice that can really help you save time and effort – use GrabTaxi or Uber to book your ride – all you have to do is use the free app, tell it where you are and where you want to go and they simply come and pick you up without standing around in the heat for extended period of time.

Bonus: Ice Skating at The Rink.

Ice Skating at The Rink in Bangkok

Because nothing cools you off better than skating around on a sheet of ice in an air conditioned mall. 😉

What about you? What are some of the ways you escape the heat?

This is a guest post by Shayan Naveed, a marketer/brand specialist who has studied, worked and played in Bangkok for over 20 years. You can find him on Facebook or on his personal marketing blog.


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