The Rink at Central World: Indoor Ice Skating

Opened during 2010’s Songkran Festival in the middle of Central World Mall, The Rink is an exciting place to cool down, in an atmosphere that stands out from other mall-based skating rinks, and boasts that it was the first indoor skating rink in all of Thailand. The Rink is perfect for a leisure skating and an ideal place to spend some quality time with children. Whereas other skating rinks mostly exist within a self-enclosed space, The Rink @ Central World is in an open-air atrium on the ground floor of the mall which gives it a very free, open feel.

The Rink, indoor ice skating at Central World in Bangkok

Admission to the rink is 250 THB per 1.5 hour session, or 3000 THB for a full month’s admission. There are a variety of rules to keep in mind while visiting the rink: guests are ordered to always skate in a counter-clockwise direction, the center of the rink is saved for spins and jumps only (if you are feeling adventurous), as long as the rink isn’t too crowded.


The Rink @ Central World provides an excellent space for a family outing or a spontaneous, romantic day out with a loved one. Beginners are always welcome, and coaches are available for both introductory skating and figure skating lessons, with the option of individual and group lessons, either on a lesson by lesson basis or as a package offer.

Reaching The Rink @ Central World is simple; just take the BTS to Siam, and walk east a few blocks to Central World Mall. The Rink is found in the Forum zone of the mall, and is open daily from 10:30 to 22:00.


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