Icedea: Bangkok’s Coolest Ice Cream Creations

IceDea ice cream provides some of the most photogenic and surreal ice cream dishes that you will ever find.

Tonkatsu and steak and fries ice cream at Icedea Bangkok

Looks can be deceiving at Icedea.

After having spent a few years as a product and a stationery designer, Icedea mastermind Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya decided to turn her creative talents towards making ice cream that doesn’t look like ice cream. The results are something unlike anything we have ever seen or tasted and make Icedea the most unusual ice cream shop in Bangkok.

Icedea ice cream shop in Bangkok

Sure, Icedea offers the typical vanillas and chocolates that less adventurous types may desire, but the real stars of the show are the variety of incredible ice cream ‘meals’.

Icedea menu, Bangkok

A delicious selection of ice cream meals on the Icedea menu.

One of the most popular options on the menu is the Steak with Fries, which is actually brownie or hazelnut ice cream (depending on how you like steak cooked), drizzled with chocolate sauce to imitate the lines of searing on top of the steak.

Steak and fries ice cream at Icedea, Bangkok

The fries are made out of caramelised slices of banana, with a heaping helping of ‘sour cream’ made from whipped cream on the side. All finished off with a slice of sweet parmesan toast which, surprisingly, is not made from ice cream. It’s a must try and is sure to boggle your mind!

Steak and fries ice cream at Icedea ice cream shop in Bangkok

Another delicious, yet clever, idea is the Tonkatsu plate, which takes the popular item from Japanese restaurants around the world and recreates the fried pork cutlet with ice cream, and includes a side of fruits and candied nuts.

Tonkatsu ice cream and steak ice cream at Icedea, Bangkok

The batter of our cutlet tasted similar to a sweet donut and, when paired with the ice cream inside, was an absolute foodgasm!

Tonkatsu ice cream at Icedea, Bangkok

The innovative ice cream meals aren’t the only clever food-hacking going on in this shop though, as a range of interesting drink options are available as well. Grandma’s Lemonade is the standout choice here, it consists of a glass of soda water, a side of syrup, a slice of lime and most importantly a frozen set of Grandma’s dentures!

The Grandma's Teeth drink at Icedea ice cream cafe Bangkok

If you have ever fantasised about drinking from a glass which has a some false teeth in them then this is your chance!

Tasty treat: Grandma's Lemonade at Icedea cafe, Bangkok

The drink itself is as tasty as it is weird and the frozen false teeth are life sized, which means that you can actually put them into your own mouth; trust us, we’ve tried.

Wearing Grandma's Teeth at Icedea Bangkok

In addition to all these mind-bending selections, IceDea Creative Ice Cream also offers a selection of ‘healthy’ flavour options, including tofu, sesame, mushrooms and wasabi- guaranteeing a weird and wild journey through tastes that you never thought could be associated with ice cream.

Weird ice cream flavours at Icedea Bangkok

Wasabi ice cream anyone?

To find IceDea Creative Ice Cream, just visit the 4th floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center next to the National Stadium BTS Station.


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