Great Getaways: Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok is an amazing city, but it is far from being the ideal place for a green getaway for most people. With constant traffic, noise and polluted air the concrete jungle sure seems like it would offer no comfort for those wanting to get closer to nature. But there is at least one option that could be the perfect eco-getaway. Tucked away on Bang Krachao island, Bangkok’s green oasis that is often referred to as the ‘green lung of Bangkok’, you will find the Bangkok Tree House. The Bangkok Tree House is not a single house but is instead made up of 12 boutique ‘rooms’ each with their own unique eco appeal.

Bangkok Tree House Rooms

Each of the ‘rooms’ are split into five types: Tree Top Nests, Bee Hive, The “View With A Room”, the Family Nest, and the River Nest.

Tree Top Nests

Tree Top Nest

The Tree Top Nests each sleep two people, have their own private rooftop with a stunning view over the Chao Phraya river and have lots of outdoor space for you to lounge around in. This ‘room’ is actually more like a town house, albeit one that looks like it has been designed by an award-winning architect and used in a Hollywood movie. The design is simple, elegant, airy and perfectly combines glass and wood to create a very modern dynamic.

Bee Hive

Bee Hive Room Bangkok

The Bee Hive is ideal if you have a curios sense of discovery but like a few modern comforts. The room has it’s own TV, computer with complimentary Wifi and air conditioning. But the real treat is that it has easy access to the bee house which houses harmless, solitary bees.

The “View With A Room”

Tree Top Next Bangkok

Out of all of the rooms this is our favourite. It could also be considered the most romantic and if you have a special anniversary or need a Valentines treat for your loved one we would recommend this for sure. The “View With A Room” is a magical bamboo platform 7 meters up in the air. It has no walls and no ceiling which means you get a gorgeous view of surrounding nature and you can literally sleep right under the stars.

Family Nest

Family Nest Bangkok

Their largest Nest that has access to not one but three rooftops and a stunning view of the river. The Family Nest is suitable for a family of four and has all of the modern amenities that the Bee Hive room has. This three storey unit which features an impressive, modern and unique design will make you feel closer to and at one with nature.

River Nest

Bed on a river Bangkok

Another of our favourites, the River Nest is as simple as it is beautiful. Where the Room With A View aims to put you closer to the stars, the River Nest wants to help you feel grounded, relaxed and as calm as still waters. This ‘room’ is extremely minimal: just one or two beds that float directly on the river. No walls, no furniture, no distractions. Just you, nature, and lots of open space.

And of course the Bangkok Tree House offers so much more: Free ice cream 24/7 during your stay (!), free bicycle rental to explore the ‘green lung of Bangkok’, free Wifi, and a complimentary breakfast.

Getting There

Bang Krachao is an incredible natural haven and home to several small communities, fruit orchids, temples (some of which have been left for nature to reclaim) and is only accessible by boat. Although getting to the pier is easily done by BTS Skytrain, simply take the BTS to Taksin Station and then walk towards the river. Once you reach the river simply take a taxi boat over to Bang Krachao.

Oh and one last thing: Did we mention that you get free ice cream during your entire stay at Bangkok Tree House, 24/7?!

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