Escape Hunt Experience: Bangkok’s Number One Attraction

A great detective once said “What’s the point of being clever if you can’t prove it?” Escape Hunt is a themed murder mystery adventure that is quickly becoming a world wide phenomenon. But did you know that the Escape Hunt experience started right here in Bangkok? Come now my dear Watson, there has been a crime most foul.

Set 100 years in the past, you and your family, friends or colleagues are world famous detectives and you have been asked to help solve a terrible crime. Before you begin your game you are given a short briefing about what the situation is and what you have to do, quite simply; find the hidden clues, solve the puzzles, crack the case and escape the room.

Escape Hunt Bangkok murder mystery experience

After surrendering all of your modern technology (there were no smartphones 100 years ago after all) you are then locked in a room where the game takes place. You then have just 60 minutes to solve the crime in order to escape the room and complete the game. To get out of the room and solve the mystery, you must use your skills as a team in order to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes – all while the game timer on the wall counts down!

The themed rooms at Escape Hunt contain an impressive amount of clues and puzzles which means that unless you are really, really good then you are likely going to finish the game with minutes to spare. This is frantic fun at its best and, even though you may take a quiet moment or two to reflect on a newly discovered clue, the timer ticking down will remind you that time is of the essence.

Escape Hunt Bangkok murder mystery experience

The entire Escape Hunt experience is absolutely thrilling and the wide variety of puzzles, codes and clues should mean that it is a challenge for even the smartest detectives. We have played several games at Escape Hunt in Bangkok with different groups of friends and not only was it a challenge to solve the puzzles each time (we hear that the games are often changed to keep things fresh), but it was also fun for all ages. Our youngest detective in the group was 8 years old and he managed to solve some of the puzzles that our older brains were a little bit slow with (Escape Hunt say that their games are suitable for children ages 7 and up).

One of the great things about the Escape Hunt experience is that they actually want you to succeed and if you get stuck you can request some help along the way. Your Game Master can be summoned with the press of a button so that you can request a tip to help move the game along, but don’t think that’s the easy or fastest way out – every time you receive a tip you lose one minute of your time!

Escape Hunt Bangkok murder mystery experience

Escape Hunt is a fantastic experience and we aren’t the only ones who think so; the Escape Hunt experience has sat firmly in the number one spot on Trip Advisors list of best attractions in Bangkok. We also think that Escape Hunt is the perfect place for a first date: there is surely no better way to test a relationship than seeing if you can work together to solve a crime and escape from a locked room!

Escape Hunt Bangkok murder mystery experience

At Escape Hunt everyday objects become important clues… Or clever distractions.

After the game is finished (and you solve the crime with seconds to spare!), the Escape Hunt team help you unwind by serving you and your team of detectives with your choice of tea. Before you leave there is an opportunity for your team to dress up in Sherlock Holmes style detective gear and take some photos together. This is an especially nice touch as you are not allowed to take photos in the rooms so that the games secrets don’t get out (all of the photos we took at Escape Hunt were taken in the reception area so don’t expect to find any clues here!).

Escape Hunt Bangkok murder mystery experience

The Escape Hunt prices are per person but vary depending how many of you play. If you book in advance online you can play the game with one friend for 900 baht each (1,800 baht total), with two friends at 800baht each (2,400 baht total), three friends at 700baht each (2,800 baht total), four friends at 600baht each (3,000 baht total), or play a 3 vs 3 head-to-head game by booking two rooms for 700baht each (5,600 baht total). For bookings that aren’t made online in advance there is a 10% surcharge on these prices.

Escape Hunt Bangkok murder mystery experience

You’ll find The Escape Hunt Experience on Level B2 at the Interchange Citibank Tower, 399 Sukhumvit Road. The building is well connected to the BTS Asok skywalk and is also close to the MRT Sukhumvit. Escape Hunt is open 365 days a year from 9.30am- 20.30pm, first game at 10am and last game at 7pm.

Book your Escape Hunt experience online and see for yourself why it is the number one attraction on Trip Advisor in Bangkok.


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