Dusit Zoo: A Great Day Out For Animal Lovers In Bangkok

Located in the historic district of Dusit, the Dusit Zoo (also known as ‘Khao Din’) is a sprawling animal park that houses over 1,600 distinct species of animals, including both rare indigenous specimens and favourites from all over the world.

Bear at Dusit Zoo, Thailand

Dusit Zoo is an especially fun place to take children, with lots of options for family-friendly activities throughout the park, but adults will still find plenty to love here as well.

Exotic cats at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand

In addition to the animals, an educational centre, zoological museum, animal hospital and sightseeing tram are all available to fill the day. In fact, it’s easy to turn a trip to this zoo into an entire day out.

Snake at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand

The main feature of any zoo is the animals, and at Dusit Zoo many of the greatest can be found.

Giraffe Feeding at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok

Some of the beautiful creatures who call Dusit Zoo their home include giraffes, ostriches, zebras, Bengal tigers, alligators, hippos, lions, camels, penguins, kangaroos, wallabies, and many more.

Zebras at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok

Of course, this being Thailand, a wide variety of monkeys and elephants are also on display too.

Dusit Zoo

One of the best things about Dusit Zoo (at least for us!) was the animal feeding.

Giraffe Feeding at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok

Several times a day you can feed the giraffes from the viewing platform, and a bag of giraffe food costs only 20 baht. Around the park you can also feed the zebra and goats too.

Giraffe Feeding at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok

In between trips to your favorite animals take a refreshing ride on a paddle boat in the central lake. The paddle boats are available for a very low cost, and for an extra kick, you can buy some fish food and feed the many fish that live in the depths of the lake.

Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand

There’s no cause to get hungry or thirsty at the Dusit Zoo, as the cantina provides plenty of delicious dishes of local cuisine to fill you up, and a variety of 7-11s, Mama noodle stands, ice cream kiosks, and even a KFC play backup throughout the rest of the park.

Hippo at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand

For the best option, though, why not bring your own packed lunch, and enjoy a breezy picnic in some of the scenic shady groves, or beside the lake? It’s a sure way to score some points on a date, or to bring a pleasant break to a day out with the kids.

Deer at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand

Dusit Zoo is a short drive from anywhere in the center of the city, and most taxi drivers will understand the name in English.

Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand

Entrance fees are 150 baht for adults and 100 baht for children. Thai’s and those with a Thai work permit can pay the reduced price of 100 baht for adults and 50 baht for children. Prices are subject to change so take a little extra cash just incase. Opening hours for Dusit Zoo are from 8am to 6pm daily.

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