Caturday Cat Café: Bangkok’s Most Lively Cat Café

Fun, lively and delicious – that’s the three words that we’d use to sum up our experience at the Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok.

Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at the Caturday Cat Café is just how alive this cat cafe is. There are a lot of very active cats here and just as many people wanting to stroke and play with them.

Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

Caturday Cat Café has even been known to have it’s customers queue outside the café while they wait for a table to become available! While this might sound like a waste of your time, believe us, it’s not. There are enough cat’s here to go around everyone, even when it is at it’s busiest.

Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

We arrived at around 6pm and got a table without having to wait. As soon as we sat down we felt like we were a part of the fantastic, lively atmosphere inside the café. Everyone there was happy, the staff, the customers and most importantly, the cats.

Lively atmosphere at the Caturday Cat Cafe in Bangkok

With 40 cats living at the café, Caturday Cat Café makes sure that you are never short of a furry friend. But don’t worry, they aren’t all roaming the café at once – that would be mayhem! Inside the café itself, roughly 20 cats are allowed out to roam at a time, leaving ample space for their human counterparts to sit, relax and eat.

Hipster cat at the Caturday Cat Cafe in Bangkok

All kinds of cats live at Caturday Cat Café, even hipster cats.

The menu at Caturday Cat Café has a huge variety of choices. Presented in a photo-album and offering a range of cakes, sides and main meals. We had an overwhelming urge to satisfy our sweet tooth and decided on the rainbow crepe cake (138 Baht), the chocolate shock cheesecake (138 Baht), the chocolate lava cake with ice cream (148 Baht), and a double berry smoothie (138 Baht) – all of which were all equally delicious and Instagram worthy.

Cake at Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

The chocolate shock cheesecake.

Cake at Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

The Caturday Cafe rainbow crepe cake.

Smoothie and snacks at Cake at Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

We rounded it of with a portion of cheese and bacon spring rolls (128 Baht) which are reason enough to visit Caturday Cat Café. And, as you can imagine, we were almost rolling out of the café after all the delicious food!

Snacks at the Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

Seriously, these things are awesome.

Once you’ve delighted your tummy, the next step is to delight the kitties surrounding you. Look up, look down, look all round. Some will be walking on the ‘cat-walk’ which hangs from the ceiling, some will be sleeping on the treehouse-like structure, others will be lurking under tables and on chairs and many will be waiting for someone to pay with.

Caturday Cat Café

I’m a model you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk.

There are baskets hanging on the walls with an array of cat toys and accessories in. Choose any and let the fun begin. You’ll be sure of a new feline friend or two by the time you leave and your camera roll will be full from all the playful pictures you’ll be taking. We just couldn’t resist snapping away ourselves.

Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

Caturday Cat Café was a total pleasure to visit, not just seeing all the cats but being part of a warm, happy environment made the experience extremely worthwhile.

Caturday Cat Café in Bangkok

Grumpy Cat says “I had fun at Caturday Cat Café once, it was horrible.”

Caturday Cat Café opening times.

Caturday Cat Café opening times.

Caturday Cat Café can be found by taking the BTS to Ratchathewi. From there head towards exit 2 and take the stairs down to the right. And the bottom of the stairs you’ll need to turn around and walk roughly 10 meters. You’ll see ahead of you on the corner ‘guts’ restaurant. Turn right here, past the car park entrance and continue down until you reach Caturday Cat Café on your left.


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