Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

Avid photographers, butterfly lovers, and insect enthusiasts will be amazed by the up-close and personal experience of the Bangkok Butterfly Garden. Thousands of colourful butterflies flutter around you in the huge dome that sits on the lawns of the beautiful Rot Fai park.

Butterflies pose for the camera at the Bangkok Butterfly Park and Insectarium

The garden is 2.4 acres in total, includes exhibition rooms, educational resources and activities allowing you to learn about butterflies and insects like never before. After you learn about the life cycles and survival of the butterfly, walk among hundreds of amazing butterfly species, including the Giant Silkworm Butterfly, the Golden Birdwing, and the Siam Tree Nymph in their home full of wild flowers and waterfalls.

Lush gardens at the Bangkok Butterfly Park and Insectarium

Sit still and quiet for a while and you will be rewarded as the butterflies land all around you and pose for pictures. Many of the species are experts in camouflage, so keep your eyes peeled for a quivering leaf! Once you’ve had enough of the butterflies, there are plenty of other insects to view and learn about in the complex. A great day out for kids with a natural curiosity – although they cannot touch the butterflies – some of the less shy species may come and land on an outstretched hand or nose – a rather special photo opportunity! If you just aren’t into bugs, it wont be a day wasted – the dome is surrounded by other fantastic things to do and see.

Friendly and playful butterflies at the Bangkok Butterfly Park and Insectarium

Keep calm, there’s a butterfly on your head.

As well as insects, frogs, squirrels, lizards and fish also frequent the dome, which is no surprise as the curators have gone to great lengths to create a beautiful and natural habitat for the star residents – the butterflies. As well as the large dome known as the Butterfly Garden, you can access the activity ground, exhibition area, feeding breeding and embryo room, insectarium, and Lamphu tree ground.

Photo opportunities at the Bangkok Butterfly Park and Insectarium

Picture perfect photo opportunities.

While the Garden and Insectarium can be a little tricky to find due to lack of signage, a wander through Rot Fai Park and gardens is all part of the pleasure. The Butterfly Garden is a great excursion for those who may already be in the area – visiting Chatuchak Market or passing through Mo Chit Station (The nearest BTS). There are plenty of facilities nearby to get food, transport, or continue your day out with a row on the neighbouring lake or a cycle through the park (a route which will take you straight past the Insectarium).

Entrance to the bangkok Butterfly House and Insectarium

If you want to visit the butterflies, the dome is located in Rot Fai Gardens, an easy walk from Mo Chit BTS or Chatuchak Park MRT and is open for business from 8.30am until 4.30pm on weekdays. What’s more, access to all of the above is absolutely free of charge – bring a picnic for a cheap day away from the bustle of Bangkok.


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