Adventures are better when you have someone to share them with.

BKKA Meetup Group.


Bangkok Adventures Meetup

The Challenge

Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Gizmodo… They all have one thing in common: a dedicated community.
Right from the start I knew that for to be successful it would need a strong community to help drive it, but how or where would I find one?
I considered all of the usual things such as a comment system or a forum but none of them felt appropriate. People were on looking for cool things to do in Bangkok, so why not create group events to do just that? This is how the community was created.


Started: August 2014


Expanding in 2015

Members In First 6 Months

“The most well organised Meetup I’ve been to!”


“Great group, very well organised fun!”


“Awesome” “Fun” “Great” “Very well organised”

Group Members

By Fun-Lovers, For Fun-Lovers In Bangkok

Regular Monthly Meetups

Each month we run several recurring Meetups for events that have proven popular such as rock climbing, bowling and gaming. These events fill up fast and there is always a waiting list.


Something New Every Month

Special events each month to add variety and keep the Meetup group interesting. Cat cafe’s, bobble football, sky bars and more, all in one Meetup group.


One Big Social Get-Together Each Month

Many people have made important friendships at our Meetup events and once a month we have one big social event to encourage this. These events attract almost 100 people from all around the world.

So Why Is It A Success?

Turns Strangers Into Friends

Exciting Shared Experiences

Promotes Local Businesses

Experience It For Yourself