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Hi, I’m Brett.

I’m a creative English guy currently living in Bangkok. I’m a lover of photography, design, technology, people, big cities and pizza! This site is my place to share with you my thoughts on my personal projects, marketing, self-exploration, photography and my weekly adventures.

I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I enjoy sharing these things with you and, if you do, be sure to leave some comments and share your own ideas – I’d love to hear from you.

When I Was Very Young…

My Mum likes to tell people the story of how, when I was only a few years old, I was already so independent with technology. I would wake up before anyone else, get myself out of bed and then head into the kitchen to make my own breakfast; a big bowl of Kellog’s Rice Krispies with milk. Then I would lay down on my back in front of the TV, turn it on and put a Thomas the Tank Engine or Super Ted tape in the VCR (remember those?). I’d happily eat my Rice Krispies while I fast-forward, rewind, and played the VCR with my toes. More than 20 years later and not much has changed; technology and I still work effortlessly together.

The Thailand Adventure

For every job I’ve ever had I’ve known exactly when I was going to leave before I even started. The sweet-spot for me is three years; I put a lot of myself into my work and three years is the ideal amount of time for me to learn several new skills and outgrow my role. This was the case in 2013 when I left my job as a computer technician in the UK. Exactly 3 years since I started the job I was leaving with no plan or idea what to do next, only that I was free to take any direction in life I wanted.

And so the Thailand adventure began. I had never been to Thailand before but it seemed like as good as an idea as any. I sold most of my belongings and my girlfriend and I bought a plane ticket.

I arrived in Thailand with no previous knowledge of Bangkok, Thailand or Thai culture – I was a stranger in a strange land. I enrolled myself in a Thai language school and started to think about the design of my new life. During the first year I spent much of my time volunteering with various organisations and I was offered the chance to redeisgn a website for a non-profit – I knew practically nothing about web design, but that didn’t stop me. Over the next year I taught myself about WordPress, web hosting and modern web design. These skills and the connections I made through volunteering eventually led me to securing a job in Bangkok.

What Do I ‘Do’?

During the 9-5 workweek I am the Marketing, Design and Technical Manager at Starfish Group Asia where we create and develop industry leading tours in South East Asia. Coming into its 14th year it is still very much a lean business. As part of a very small team my role is to create, develop and manage the various brands as well as driving sales, creating content and more.

In 2013 I founded Bangkok Adventures, an online magazine dedicated to finding all of the cool things to do in Bangkok. Equal parts interesting and useful, I wanted to make it easy for people like me to find the best that Bangkok has to offer. Find out more about the Bangkok Adventures online magazine and the Bangkok Adventures Meetup group.

I also dedicate much of my time to my volunteer position as the Digital Media Manager for a private non-profit called the Jungle Aid Foundation. We support displaced people living in and around Thailand who have no access to healthcare or basic supplies such as food, clothing and clean water. Our humanitarian efforts have left a positive lasting impression on many people and, in some cases, have saved lives.

Before any of this I was a freelance photographer with clients such as the British Council. I was also a computer technician and a digital imaging expert at the largest technology retail store in the UK.

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