Bangkok Adventures

The Challenge

When I first moved to Bangkok I was overwhelmed by not only the amount of really cool stuff to do but also by not being able to easily find the information I needed online. Many places didn’t have websites, or sites in English, and many review sites had outdated information. There needed to be a resource that focussed on just the best things to do in Bangkok that also had the most up to date information.


Started: December 2013

Monetising in 2015

The Best Things To Do In Bangkok

Do More, Feel More

An online magazine that uses positive media and high quality images to encourage people to go out, explore and experience the coolest things Bangkok has to offer.

Only The Best

Life is too short for bad experiences so we only include the very best of Bangkok on Bangkok Adventures. These are things that we think people will want to do again and again.

Positive Focussed Content

We only write about the best things to do in Bangkok and never include negative remarks in our reviews – after all, if we have something negative about our experience the article won’t appear on Bangkok Adventures.

So Why Do I Do It?

To Create A Useful Resource

To Highlight Cool Things To Do In Bangkok

To Have Fun Discovering The Places Myself

See It For Yourself

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